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Club Info

The Ross Area Flyers (RAF) officially became an AMA charter club in 1990 at the current location. The club was organized by several members of Hamilton Wireless Kontrol Society (HAWKS) that wanted authority over the field and its members.

The membership was limited to 45 and it enjoyed a waiting list 10 to 15 deep. The membership voted in a provision for people with a Ross mailing address that allowed prospective members to be moved ahead of the waiting list. This allowed the membership to rise above 45 at times.

In the early 2000's the waiting list was dropped in hopes of increasing its membership as the RAF saw a decline in its members. The club has always been a flying site for RC sport flying activities first and has survived based on donations and club dues. This is because most of its members belong to other clubs and the desire to have money raising events like flyin ins has always met with some resistance and apathy.

The willingness of the members to do work and donate time and money, plus fiscal repsonsibility keep the dues about average for clubs in the Greater Cincinnati Area. The requirements for emembership are few, such as interest in model aviation, dues, minor work party's and grass cutting for those whoare willing.

Field Address:

2401 St. Rt. 126 (Cincinnati Brookville Rd.)

Fairfield, Ohio 45061

Map & Directions - Note: Our field is located behind Bernecker Bros. Roofing

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